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“Bunmi’s dedication, focus and thirst for understanding are worthy of note. So is her true passion for the “unearthing of the destinies of this new generation” – those full of Christ and His will. Those who are free to go for what our Father has called them to be! Before the very foundation of the world in Christ Jesus! The Destiny Master Class will help you to reconcile the revelation of Christ and His Kingdom with the pursuit of your calling”.

— Pastor Rotimi Adeniyi, UK Chair – Institute for National Transformation

“I attended the November 2015 Masterclass and simply can’t wait for the next event. Bunmi’s delivery of life transforming Christian principles on purpose and the required personal responsibility to see it fulfilled was inspiring. The session motivated me to clarify my purpose and outline clear steps towards achieving it".

— Idowu, Founder Can Do Motivation Ltd

“Bunmi Balogun, a very passionate speaker, who lives with the understanding that everyone has a place where he can best function. She has deep insight into matters of life, purpose and fulfillment and her speaking engagements are very impactful. Through her seminars lives has been touched and redirected for greater accomplishment".

— George, Healthcare Professional

“If ever you felt you weren’t cut out for an average existence, pondered if your life had a purpose or always thought your talents could take you a little further in life, then the Masterclass is a must attend. Bunmi is calm and clear in her speaking, methodological in developing the ideas she intends you to conceptualize and generous with questions that leave you uncomfortable with maintaining the status quo. Definitely life changing".

— Ben, Mathematics Teacher and Educationist

“I have been privileged to attend a couple of the Destiny Master classes, each one revealing something different. Bunmi does a good job of bringing to light our responsibility for fulfilling destiny and confirming that God has already given us all required for life! I am looking forward to the next sessions as these are guides to help measure and monitor my steps towards fulfilling my purpose".

— Abi, Financial Accountant

“I attended the seminar on finding purpose and it was really an eye opener for me. The speaker was very passionate about the importance of finding and fulfilling purpose. It was informative, educative and life transforming. It is a must attend for all as our planet needs people of vision and purpose for the growth and sustenance of the human race".

— Bamidele Ogunrinde, Youth Coordinator & Retail Professional

“Bunmi ‘s life testimony was inspirational; her delivery was clear and detailed delivered to a wide range audience. She is an enthusiastic speaker with drive, passionate about people realizing their purpose and being able to identify their innate abilities. She exceeded all our expectations at the delivery of our inaugural session of Women of Wisdom (WOW) event.

A professional through and through with an eye to detail she is highly competent at fulfilling a speakers brief. I cannot recommend her highly enough and we look forward to her coming again".

— Pastor Joy Newman, No Limits Int'l Christian Centre

“The seminar gave me an in-depth understanding of my passion and life purpose. Bunmi brought the optimal mix of God’s wisdom, knowledge and real world experience. She asked the right probing questions and allowed for quality interaction to establish the principles. I would definitely recommend this seminar".

— Fola, CEO Altimate Solutions Ltd

"I was challenged to evaluate my purpose and position within the Kingdom as well as equipped with tools and pointers to enable me take a stance and cause a shift for and within the Kingdom. As a result, I received a fresh mindset, zeal and boldness to fulfill my destiny right here on earth by usurping ungodly values and re-establishing God's will".

- Funlola Shennowo

"You gave the most insightful session yesterday. Your delivery and management of the session was faultless, thank you. I have come away with a lot of meat to ruminate on, as I'm quite sure is true of all delegates. I look forward to hearing of more of your events".

- Charlotte Farrell

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