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Bunmi Balogun

LLM (London), MPA (Harvard), FCCA

The Destiny Masterclass was borne out of my passion to see every believer maximize their potential and fulfill destiny.  It is the aftermath of the journey finding my unique place in God's kingdom.

This is a class like no other, it is for those with a restlessness deep within. It resonates with individuals who are aware they have much more to offer the world and are determined to pay the price to be emptied of all they have been bestowed with. It is a call of total surrender to God's eternal plan and purpose.

I also coach individuals and speak on discovering/aligning with  divine destiny and various themes around self-development.

"Bunmi’s passion and drive to see the Christian identify and live out their purpose is palpable and infectious. I attended two sessions of Destiny Masterclass and was suitably impressed. She also worked with me for nearly a year as a life coach and I can say this period was hugely productive in terms of achieving goals. Her professionalism and dedication is exemplary".

— Phil, Dentist and Entrepreneur

"Bunmi ‘s life testimony was inspirational; her delivery was clear and detailed delivered to a wide range audience. She is an enthusiastic speaker with drive, passionate about people realizing their purpose and being able to identify their innate abilities. She exceeded all our expectations at the delivery of our inaugural session of Women of Wisdom (WOW) event.

A professional through and through with an eye to detail she is highly competent at fulfilling a speakers brief. I cannot recommend her highly enough and we look forward to her coming again".


— Pastor Joy Newman, No Limits Int'l Christian Center


The coaching program was designed due to numerous requests for one on one counselling after speaking engagements. I take on a limited number of clients.

This is a bespoke program based on biblical principles and drawn up after an introductory call to determine if I am suitable for desired goals and objectives.

Business Meeting


Speaking engagements revolve around the subject of purpose and the self-development required to attain this objective. This can be tailored for businesses and faith based institutions.


Sessions are customized to specific requirements and include a variety of topics topics such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, leadership and working in teams. 

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