The Masterclass


Every man is created with innate talents and abilities to create and add value to the world. Frustration thus sets in when a man lives contrary to divine design. This is the bane of many today. You were created for a purpose and until it is achieved, you will remain unfulfilled no matter how successful you may be right now.

This is especially poignant for Christians who believe that their calling is restricted to the four walls of church as a chorister, usher, Sunday school teacher and so on. God also regards your secular work as ministry and calling; there is no divide. This subconscious imprisonment has limited many from stepping out and being all that they were created to be. 

The Destiny Masterclass is an intense one day seminar designed to facilitate your self discovery, identify your strengths, passion and life purpose. It aids in unlocking your potential and unleashing your God given dream. It is essential if you earnestly yearn to truly live and not just exist.


  • The Image and Likeness of God

  • The Gospel of the Kingdom

  • The Gospel of Salvation

  • The Redemption of Man and the Earth

  • The Seven Mountains

  • Identifying Your Gifting and Talent

  • Calling Forth the Dream Within

  • Articulating your Vision/Mission

  • Transitioning into Your Calling